Only passionhard work are keys of my success. This is the result!

My Skills

Here are some


End Scripting


you have received an assignment to complete a boring data entry task with

repetitive data then before worrying about the deadline you must contact me.

There may be a smarter way to accomplish the task. 


and Confusion

Sometime you may run into legal issues. In that

case also you can consult me. I will provide you expert opinion to my level

best.Also MGNREGA and all other Government Schemes are

full of conflicting ideas in terms of MIS. Whenever you have any confusion you

can ask me. I have some knowledge to share with you.

Data Processing

You may have been assigned data processing work.

Like finding some data and put it into another spreadsheet to generate another

report. Which you think is a matter of hours may be a matter of seconds if you

know the proper way of doing it. Like generating hundreds of letters in MS Word

using data stored in Excel sheet or in a data base. I am also here you help you